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Ascend offers a team of architects and developers that successfully conceptualized, developed, deployed and managed system modernization implementations.

Why You Need It

The Importance Of System Modernization

It’s not uncommon today to find 20- to 30-year-old legacy systems that have been upgraded and re-patched. Insurance Companies, Banks, government agencies and other businesses rely on these systems to perform daily customer and business transactions. Some systems aren’t able to keep up with ever-increasing demands, particularly when it comes to large amounts of transaction and data. As a result, many software architects’ and CIOs’ agendas are weighing the risks of legacy application modernization.

Modernization of legacy enterprise systems introduces many challenges due to the size, complexity, and fragility of the legacy systems. Size and complexity issues often dictate that these systems are incrementally modernized, and new functionality is incrementally deployed before the modernization effort is concluded. This in turn requires that legacy components operate side by side with modernized components in an operation system-introducing additional problems.

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How We Can Help Your Business

Minimize Development And Deployment Costs

Ascend helps you to optimize the cost of the staff you need to modernize your systems by assembling a team of On-Site and Nearshore resources.

On-site resources should be a combination of your own resources, typically managers and Subject Matter Experts that understand your existing systems; and a team of Ascend consultants with experience in newer technologies and development methodologies.

Ascend Nearshore resources, on the other hand, have proven to provide one of the most cost-effective solutions for Software engineering and code development.

Additional components of cost where Ascend helps its clients are timely staffing as well as an on-demand, reduced cost infrastructure and workplace environment.

Schedule Management

The modernization strategy should seek to minimize the time required to develop and deploy a modernized system. Additionally, the approach should allow the systems to be developed on a predictable schedule.

In order to deliver results that bring value to the business, Systems Modernization projects must be staged, organized and controlled by knowledgeable Project Managers which is one of Ascends professional services and definitely an area we can help you with.

In addition to project management support, a Nearshore delivery model facilitates project management by having teams working on the same time zone and within a 2 to 4-hour average flight distance.


There are two issues regarding quality. One issue is the quality of the final, end-state system, once the system modernization effort has been completed. The final system should be easy to maintain and implemented technologies that are not already obsolete.

The second issue is the interim quality of the system after each increment is deployed. Whether on-site, Nearshore or Offshore, Ascend brings teams of highly qualified and experienced QA & Testing resources either as part of the developing process or working in independent software testing support functions.

Minimized Risk

Risks occur in many different forms, and some risk is acceptable if properly managed and mitigated. Due to the overall size and investment required to complete the systems development, it is important that overall risk is kept low. To this end, the system componentization strategy should apply tried and proven techniques when possible, and lower risk approaches when some risk is necessary to achieve overall system goals.

Ascend provides strategic consulting with its Enterprise Systems Architecture practice. A team of experienced IT professionals. Among them former CIO’s and VP’s with extensive financial services industry backgrounds and Systems Integration Services experience.


System Performance

The redesigned application is replacing an existing system, so users have expectations concerning performance. While system modernization includes the modernization of hardware as well as software components, it is easy to negate hardware performance gains with poorly designed software. The componentization strategy must ensure that user performance expectations are met or exceeded.

One of Ascend biggest value is its recent experience in Systems Modernization projects combining the use of the newest technologies for development, integration with off-the-shelf products and infrastructure providers services.

Minimized Complexity

Large enterprise systems can account for millions of lines of legacy code, developed over many years. The size of the Systems is a major complexity factor by itself. As a result, it is critical that the componentization strategy seeks to minimize overall system and development complexity, so that development complexity is kept at a manageable level. Managing the complexity of the development approach, by itself, may be the single largest factor that dictates the viability of the overall modernization effort.

Our mission is to help our clients leverage the latest technologies to Ascend to new levels of productivity and attain a competitive edge. Our combined practices and services come as a result of the experience in managing and optimizing large and complex enterprise systems.

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