IT Services

Software Development

We develop secure software with quality and speed, at scale, using traditional to next-gen technology innovation to enrich the customer experience, accelerate business outcomes and drive customer loyalty.

Our Client’s Objectives




ISO/IEC 27001

ISO, PMI, ITIL & Scrum Certified Teams



Tools and Frameworks

Real-Time Communication

Strong Leadership and Culture


Cost Effective

Onshore / Nearshore delivery model

Low cost of traveling and infrastructure

Reduced management and supervision required


Agile Applications Development

Ascend provides the capability and scale to execute and manage the development of applications using multiple methodologies enabled by our Onshore/Nearshore Delivery Model. Services include architecture and design, development, quality assurance and management of the entire lifecycle.


We help organizations increase productivity and deliver business results by enabling and automating the development pipeline. Offerings include DevOps Management and Support Services which help prioritize projects for specific business results; DevOps Enablement Services which prepare teams to adopt DevOps; and DevOps Project Services to scale the initial capability for enterprise-class functionality.

Cloud Based Applications Development

We accelerate the development of scalable cloud-native applications and micro-services using a factory approach while leveraging proven pre-built services.

Digital Development Services

We offer a full-service team of customer experience (CX) strategists, designers, and developers who help organizations solve business problems and turn ideas into digital businesses by transforming CX with web, mobile applications development, IoT, social, augmented reality, and robotic process automation. We offer multiple options to accelerate your development efforts.

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We Deliver The Best Solution

Best Cost-Benefit Relationship

We provide our clients with the best cost-benefit relationship because every dollar saved can be reinvested in their growth. We commit lowering their development cost by:

  • Hiring the right talent for the job based on our experience in the technologies and industries we specialize
  • Implementing an Onshore/Nearshore combined delivery model
  • Maintaining a lean operation with the lowest levels of overhead in the industry

Experienced and Extensive Network

We know time is as important as cost. Our experience and extensive network allow us to offer:

  • Lean staffing, quick, cost-effective and skills match.
  • Agile methodologies leveraged with the convenience of our Nearshore capability
  • Industry-specific software expert

Doing Things Better

Doing things better is one of our company’s key principals. We align our processes with our clients but always looking at improving them with our experience and best practices through:

  • Experience and agility in our talent selection
  • Latest Technology Practices
  • Highly educated professionals with college degrees from top universities

Our Experience

  • Software Architecture
  • Application Development
    • Java
    • .Net
  • Big Data Engineering
  • SQL DB Architecture
  • ITIL & Release Management
  • Oracle Engineering
  • Mobile IOS/Android Engineering

Technology Service

  • Software Development
  • Front & Backend Systems
  • Mobile Applications
  • Cloud
  • Security
  • Transformation
  • Legacy Modernization

Our Teams

  • Onshore Onsite Or Remote
  • Nearshore
  • Virtual-Out Of Country

Engagement Models

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Fixed Price Projects
  • Managed Services
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