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P&C Insurance

Read our case study to find out how we helped P&C Insurance with our range of IT services and solutions.



The Challenge

  • Auto, Homeowners, Renter & Motorcycle, 5.2 million vehicles covered, approximately $1.7 billion in premiums
  • The company had implemented an Offshore model 2007-2010
  • SDLC needed improvement to support expansion of services to all states
  • Cost of development, maintenance, and support were financially capped thereby did not allow IT improvements
  • Most applications were proprietary and had been developed in-house by the company so outsourcing was not an viable option

Solutions & Engagement Highlights

  • An Agile Multi-shore approach was proposed as the best solution by integrating a Near-shore team to develop and support in house applications with the benefits of:
    • Similar time zone (PST & CST)
    • Ease of traveling both ways
    • Maintain a low-cost operation
  • A pilot team would be on-site for 12 weeks for knowledge transfer and training. After which they would return to Mexico and build the Near Shore delivery center and train the new developers
  • The finished plan was to move most of the development Near-shore and keep QA Off-Shore for a follow the sun cycle

The Outcome

  • The Pilot plan was reduced to 6 weeks due to positive progress
  • The team was ramped up to 50 team members in the first year; it has had stretch periods of up to 95 and remains at an average of 50.
  • The Nearshore team has worked in all systems including Policy Management, Claims, Billing, Web portals and mobile apps.
  • Main technologies are .Net, C#, SQL, Java, HTML, IOS and Android.
  • Average cost of the team is 3.3 Million USD per year lower than US costs (50%)

Project Timeline


Pilot & KT


Ramp Up


Steady State


Fully Operational

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