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Our Client’s Objectives



    Improve time to market of new systems and applications



    Improve user experience



    Reduce the cost of systems development and maintenance


A strategic approach to testing gets products to market faster. A thoughtful approach factors in quality, automation and predictability.​

Independent testing services ensure your products and applications are ready by deadline and meet customer expectations. Our strategic approach anticipates and manages risks to deliver defect-free products for a quantifiable ROI.​

With our expertise we can help you define a strategic solution for every testing level and type. Our methodologies and frameworks allow us to cover all stages of the Software Testing Life Cycle and deliver full testing services -from test planning to test execution, metrics gathering and reporting- while at the same time building a solid reuse base for test assets.

  • Our Resources

    • On Shore
    • Near Shore
    • Off Shore
    • Virtual-Out of Country
    • On Premise

  • Technologies

    • Blackbox, Greybox Whitebox
    • Alpha & Beta Testing
    • Embedded Software
    • Game Testing
    • Load, Unit and Functionality Testing
    • Variable Event Testing

  • Our Profiles

    • QA Architects
    • Test Automation Engineers
    • QC Administrators
    • Test Managers
    • Test Leads
    • Test Analysis
    • Test Designers

  • Engagement Models

    • Staff Augmentatiom
      • On Site
      • Near Shore
    • Fixed Price Testing Projects
    • QA Testing Managed Services
    • Release & Version Control Testing