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Our Client’s Objectives

  • Maximize IT Value

    Maximize IT Value

    Improve the value that IT services provide to the business

  • Business Continuity

    Business Continuity

    Reduce any negative impact on your business

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

    Manage risk and compliance 

The Ascend IT Assessment is a comprehensive analysis that provides a prioritized report of the current status of the IT infrastructure of a given location. ​

Whether it is a Plant, a Warehouse, a Distribution Center, or an Office, the assessment provides a prioritized remediation plan based on risk and cost. It improves the IT Service Management capability within the four walls of a facility.​

The Ascends assessment is founded on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) collection of best practices​

Our assessment provides best practices for:

  • Proactive prevention of problems (monitoring, change control and operational training)​
  • Proactive prevention of business impact (production stability, Business Continuity Plans, Manual Operating Procedures, Disaster Recovery Plans and Root Cause Analysis)​
  • Evaluates the potential failure points within a system’s architecture​
  • Reduces downtime by eliminating points of failure by adding hardware, software, or modifying existing procedures and processes​
  • Reactive resolution of problems (incident closure)​
  • Continuous improvement


  • Our Experience

    • Manufacturing Facilities
      • Automotive
      • Energy
      • Oil and Gas
      • Food Processing
    • Corporate and Satellite Offices
    • Data Centers

  • Assessment Scope

    • Service Strategy
    • Service Design
    • Service Transition
    • Service Operations
    • Service Support Practices
    • Continuous Service Improvement

  • Global Coverage

    • Americas
    • Europe

  • Engagement Models

    • Fixed Price Project
    • Managed Services