Data Management

Data Management

Ascend helps enterprises manage data more effectively, generate more accurate and timely reports, and meet regulatory compliance. ​

We offer a comprehensive set of services, such as assessment and diagnostic frameworks, best practices, and design and development guidelines.​

Our enterprise architecture and data management services encompasses:

  • Data governance: Processes that define and manage data​
  • Master data management: Best practices for handling data inside and outside the organization​
  • Data quality: Tools and processes to create and maintain accurate, complete, valid data​
  • Data Architecture and Structure: Best practices for storing, moving and retrieving data​
  • Data integration: Guidelines that cover how data is collected, combined, transformed and stored​
  • Metadata management: Guidelines that cover handling data definitions and information about data​
  • Data security: Best practices for protecting data content and delivery


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  • Services

    • Enterprise Architecture Assessment
    • Enterprise Architecture Strategy and Implementation
    • Data Management Assessment
    • Data Analytics
    • Business Intelligence
    • Enterprise Data Integration and Processing

  • Our Profiles

    • Big Data Architects
    • Data Managers
    • Data Warehouse
    • DBA SQL & Oracle
    • BI Experts
    • Hadoop Engineers
    • Business Objects Developers
    • Info Systems Specialist

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