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If you are looking at expanding your IT or BPO capabilities maintaining a high level of control but with the support of a trusted partner, we offer several options for establishing and operating a Nearshore Captive Center for you


Our Client’s Objectives

  • Minimize Risk

    Minimize Risk

    Working with a trusted advisor with strong country domain, experience and transparent operation

  • Reduce Cost

    Reduce Cost

    Taking full advantage of Mexico’s proximity, Business Climate and Cultural Affinity

  • IP Protection

    IP Protection

    Owning or co-owning a Near Shore operation aligned with its corporate standards and business practices

The growth explosion of the global outsourcing market in Mexico takes full advantage of the large, cost-effective, and highly educated labor force that Mexico has to offer. In order for any foreign company to be a success in the global outsourcing market, they need a qualified and well-connected local partner to help them understand local social and business cultures, and to help them better connect with Mexico’s vast labor pool. Ascend is a leader in this field, helping foreign companies operating in Mexico achieve their goals. ​

Nearshore models include but are not limited to: ​

NDC (Nearshore Delivery Center) This model is extremely popular among organizations who want to gain access to specialized labor and resource pools, and to maintain focus on operational success while all setup-related issues are managed by Ascend. ​​

B-O-T (Build-Operate-Transfer) is designed for clients who seek to focus on other strategic areas of businesses while bringing new service offerings to the market. We help the client set up the Captive Center from start to finish. Our management team builds and operates the Captive Center for a period of time before ownership is transferred to the parent. ​​

JV (Joint Venture) sometimes known as an alliance or partnership. The parent organization partners with Ascend by forming an independent company in which each company contributes resources. The goal is to work toward a “win-win” deal where both organizations hope to benefit from the others strengths. ​​

Regardless of whether you are looking for simple assistance building a local team in Mexico or need an experienced and qualified partner to help you implement your entire Mexico market strategy, Ascend has a breadth of services available for you.​

  • Facilities

    • Real Estate Consult
    • Build Out Services
    • Management

  • Corporate, Legal & Tax

    • Corporate Structure
    • Legal Consulting
    • Tax Advisiors
    • AP/AR Support

  • Human Resources

    • Native HR Standards
    • Compensation and Payroll
    • Recruiting, Retention and Development Programs

  • Government Support

    • Grant Procurement
    • Economic Incentives
    • Stimulus Packages