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The Digital Transformation process in the Insurance space has increased the need for a new Workforce. One that combines Industry knowledge, Legacy Platforms expertise, Cutting Edge Technologies domain and very strong Systems Integration capabilities


Our Client’s Objectives

  • Qualified Talent

    Qualified Talent

    With industry background

    Technologically capable

    Adaptable to its particular environment

  • Fast Availability

    Fast Availability

    Quick turn around

    Reduced learning curve

    Reliable candidate delivery

  • Cost optimization

    Cost optimization

    Low management fees

    Best location combination

    All inclusive services

For more than five years Ascend has provided Workforce Integration services to the Insurance market with industry leading talent, tools and methodologies that help our clients lower implementation, integration and development costs on multiple Insurance Platforms. Our in-depth expertise within the Insurance sector and related applications has made us trusted advisors to both the business as well as IT when looking for workforce solutions.

We have a history of providing the Insurance industry permanent, temporary and contract staff from QA Analysts through Cyber Security Directors and all engineering skills in between.

Our team has also led multiple outsourced Multi Shore projects where we reduced cost and increased talent expertise by providing both staff and location services in a Near Shore model from Mexico. Staff and services include Executives, software engineers, and project managers; QA testing, software development and data management are just a few of the services we have provided in this model.




Recent Experience

Worker’s Compensation Insurance  – Directors, IT Architects, Systems Engineers, Software developers, Project Managers

QA analysts, DBA’s, Windows and Cloud engineers, Microstrategy engineers, DevOps and Cyber Security experts

P&C Insurance Provider – IT Software Architects, Java Developers, .NET Developers and QA Analysts

  • Insurance Areas of Expertise

    • Business Lines
      • Property and Casualty
      • Workers Comp
      • Life and Annuities
    • Policy Administration
    • Claims
    • Billing Systems
    • Rules Engine
    • Worker’s Comp Calculators
    • Case Management
    • Events Management
    • Risk Management

  • Services

    • Platform Implementation
    • Application Integration
    • Legacy Transformation
    • Software & Systems Architecture
    • Self Service and Portals
    • Project Management
    • BI & Analytics
    • Big Data
    • Regulatory Compliance Reporting (EDI)
    • Business Analysis
    • Application Development
    • Software maintenance
    • QA Testing
    • Cyber security

  • Technology Profiles

    • Guidewire
    • Duck Creek
    • Java Frameworks
    • .NET 
    • Cobol & RPG
    • Hadoop
    • Oracle DB
    • Microsoft SQL
    • MuleSoft
    • Tibco
    • SAS
    • Biztalk
    • DevOps Engineers
    • Mobile IOS/Android Developers
    • ITIL Business Process
  • Our Teams

    • On Site
    • Remote USA & Near Shore
      • Delivery Center
      • Home Office/Mobile
      • On Premise