We work with our clients to build the IT workforce that will help them to Ascend to new levels of productivity and attain a competitive edge.


Since 2010 Ascend has helped its clients build high performance teams in multiple locations that include the USA, Latin America and Europe.

​Our multi-cultural background gives us the knowledge, network and regional domain which allows us to recruit, hire and deploy the right talent for you.



Ascend is formed by a team of IT Executives who have capitalized on their experience and proven track record to provide efficient and effective solutions for its clients.

Our team’s background is characterized by a combination of experience in large and mid size enterprises; We have been technology executives, we have been technology service providers and we are technology entrepreneurs.

Our members experience includes working with companies like: DXC (CSC), IBM, DELL, Perot Systems, Infosys, Esurance,  State Compensation Insurance Fund of California, General Motors and Baker Hughes.

We are headquartered in Houston, Tx. with delivery centers in Mexico.

Having worked in Latin America, Asia, Europe and the USA, we are truly global in experience.



When we decided to start Ascend we established a set of principles that would drive our business in order to become the best provider of IT Solutions for our clients:

FLEXIBILITY  – We deliver what is the best solution for our clients and our people.

FACILITATE MOBILITY – Utilize our experience in global delivery to help our clients and our people be successful from any location.

FOCUS ON QUALITY – In everything we do, specially in the talent needed by our clients.