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Building the IT workforce of the future

The starting point of any successful project is building the right team and that is what Ascend excels at.

Through an optimal blend of flexible staffing models, managed services and recruiting solutions, along with  nearshore and onshore presence, our cost-effective delivery model balances global reach with local accountability and the best in talent.


Why a company like Google decided to deliver services from Mexico

Over the last 15 years multiple companies from all over the world have established offices and delivery centers in Mexico taking advantage of its multiple advantages:

  • Proximity : Average 4 hour flight from most cities in the USA and being in Central Time Zone.
  • Favorable business environment : 11th largest economy in the world with years of geopolitical and economic stability.
  • World Class Talent : Over 1 million IT professionals in the field.
  • Cultural affinity : High level of english capabilities and similar business practices.
  • Infrastructure : Reliable Telecom, Transportation and AAA Facilities available in most cities




Why Nearshore Works


  • Same time zone
    • Most of Mexico is on Central Time so interaction between teams can be  done in regular work hours
  • Convenience of proximity
    • The average flight time between most USA cities and Mexico is 4 hours making it very easy for teams to travel to and from either country


  • Mexico population is over 100 million
  • The IT Talent pool is over 1 Million people
  • Over 65,000 students graduate from engineering degrees every year
  • IT and BPO outsourcing is a mature industry with over a decade of government and industry investment


  • Cultural Affinity between countries facilitates communication and collaboration in real time
  • Communication skills continues to improve in standard english language
  • World class Telecom, transportation and business infrastructure can be found all across the country
  • Business culture specially in the technology sector provides seamless interaction


  • Under NAFTA, the legal framework facilitates contracting services
  • Once again proximity and today’s communication technology allows support and supervision of work
  • Mexico is the 11th economy in the world.
  • Its one of the main US trading partners and a mature democracy


  • TCO in most engagements has proven to reduce costs significantly
    • Better cost of living
    • Reduced need for long travel
    • Lower cost of telecommunication infrastructure